Orchard's Amazing Students: DEI Stories From the Past Few Years

“We have the words to change a nation.”
Orchard students have been taught and encouraged to use their voices for good, for social justice, and for love from the moment they set foot in our school. And, they hold this fight for justice in their hearts for a lifetime. To all the students and alumni who are using their voices by protesting, educating, and helping for this cause and others, we see you and we are proud of you. 
As we continue the important work of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Orchard, this summer will be an important time for our institution to educate, to listen, and to take action. Be sure to keep up through our social media channels and school-wide emails for more information as we keep at this crucial work.
For now, take a look back over the past few years at some inspiring social justice and DEI stories from The Orchard School.

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