Frequently Asked Questions

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • How old should my child be to apply to the Multiage (preschool) program?

    In general, students applying to the Multiage (preschool) program should be three years of age by August 30 of the year of entry to The Orchard School.
  • What types of students is Orchard looking for?

    We are looking for students with a variety of backgrounds and talents who will be able to make significant contributions to the Orchard community through their academic achievement, creative talent, positive social behavior, and participation in the school’s program.
  • Do I have to re-apply if my child was not admitted?

    It is not necessary to re-apply or submit the $80 application fee. However, the admissions committee wishes to have the most current and up-to-date information on applicants to the school. New teacher recommendation forms, school records, academic testing, and a school visit are required each year if you wish your child to be considered for placement for the following academic school year.
  • Is financial assistance available?

    We recognize that an Orchard education is a major investment and one that can be a challenge for some families. While we expect families to take primary responsibility for the cost of their child(ren)'s education, Orchard remains committed to helping families afford this educational choice. In order to make education more affordable, The Orchard School is committed to providing need-based Flexible Tuition. While we strive to meet the financial need for our new families, we are unable to provide assistance for all eligible families. Priority consideration is given to Orchard's current families. 

    New families who wish to apply for Flexible Tuition must complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) Application online at

    The deadline to apply for Flexible Tuition for new families is January 31, 2021. With a finite Flexible Tuition budget, we are not able to guarantee late requests. 
  • Are campus tours available?

    Yes. Parent tours for prospective parents are available during school hours. Please call (317) 251-9253 to schedule a parent tour.
  • When will we be notified of our admission decision?

    Admission decisions will be mailed on March 5, 2021 for all applicants who have completed their admissions file.
  • Can I turn in the application early?

    Yes. We encourage families to submit their application prior to the deadline so that we can schedule the required visits as early as possible. All forms are due prior to the child(ren) visiting the school. Only after we receive all the required documentation can we begin the evaluation process.
  • Does Orchard give preference to sibling applicants?

    While Orchard is committed to being a family school, the school strives to balance its consideration of sibling and legacy applicants with its desire to bring new families into the community and to maintain academic and behavioral excellence. Students are selected for available spaces by considering the composition of the class. Priority consideration is given to the academic profile, diversity and gender balance of each class.
  • What is the typical class size?

    Orchard prides itself in offering small classes and providing its students with personal attention. The average class size in multiage (preschool) is 15 students, and the average class size for kindergarten through grade eight is 18 students.
  • When are applications due?

    Applications for admission must be received by January 31, 2021 to be considered for first round offers in March. After this date, applications will be considered through rolling admission as positions remain available.