Signature Programs

Responsive Classroom


The Responsive Classroom approach helps children develop positive social skills that enhance problem solving and academic achievement. Children need to be known individually, culturally and developmentally. With this knowledge teachers organize classrooms, establish curriculum and manage classrooms in the most effective way for student success.


The components of Responsive Classroom are morning meeting, rules and logical consequences, guided discovery, academic choice and parent communication. These components are demonstrated throughout the school. Responsive Classroom is also a commitment to active learning, valuing student’s work and respectful interaction between all adults and children within the school community.

Methods of Delivery

All teaching personnel are trained in the philosophy and methods of Responsive Classroom. Two authorized Responsive Classroom trainers are on staff to train new staff and assist established personnel. In addition, staff members are able to attend summer institutes and advanced training offered by the Northeast Foundation for Children. Staff and faculty use the components of Responsive Classroom to build a climate that nurtures social growth and academic achievement.