Our Leadership

Orchard, an independent school incorporated in 1922 as a nonprofit organization, is administered by a Board of Governors and a Board of Trustees composed of parents, alumni/ae and patrons of the school.

The Board of Governors has general charge and control of The Orchard School Foundation’s affairs, funds, property and policies.

The Board of Trustees is charged with executing the bylaws of the school and establishes and monitors the policies of the school. The Board also oversees the operations of the school and develops long-range and strategic plans for the school.
The Head of School exercises general supervision and control over the operation and conduct of the school. 
The Head of School is responsible to the Board of Trustees and to the Board of Governors for the execution of all bylaws and policies established by the Boards.

Committee Structure:

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  • Alumni Heritage Association

    Role: To coordinate and facilitate activities for alumni, past parents and friends of the school as well as to serve as a resource and support for the students, faculty and administration; and to support the school’s mission.
    2018-2019 Chair: Ayana Rowley '95 (Alumni Board Representative)
    Staff Liaison: Jennifer Bostrom, Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Audit Committee

    Role: To manage and execute the annual audit.
    2018-2019 Chair: Jordan Kraner
    Staff Liaison: Courtney Williams, Chief Financial Officer
  • Building and Grounds Committee

    Role: To ensure Orchard’s facilities and grounds support the progressive mission and experiential educational program while providing a safe and secure environment. The committee is charged with supporting and strategizing with the CFO and the maintenance and grounds crew. Specifically, the committee reviews the buildings and grounds budget as well as major projects that affect the operational budget.
    2018-2019 Chair: Brandon Sorge
    Staff Liaisons: Courtney Williams, Chief Financial Officer
                            Mark Murff, Facilities Manager
  • Committee on Trustees

    Role: The Committee on Trustees is comprised of the Board of Trustees’ Committee Chairs, the Parents' Association President and the Alumni Heritage Association Representative with the primary responsibilities of:
    -       Coordinating the work of all Board committees
    -       Setting the agenda for monthly full Board meetings
    -       Completing annual evaluations of the Head of School and the Board of Trustees
    -       Developing and presenting a slate of new Trustees to the full Board
    -       Working in congruence with the Parents' Association and the Alumni Heritage Association

    2018-2019 Chair: Alicia LaMagdeleine
    Staff Liaison: Sherri Helvie, Head of School
  • Development Committee

    Role: To support and provide strategic counsel to the Development Team regarding all areas of fundraising and event planning. Special focus is placed on the execution of the Annual Giving campaign each year. The Development Committee works with all Orchard constituents including: Board members, parents, faculty/staff, grandparents, alumni, alumni families, and corporations and foundations to meet the school's annual goal.
    2018-2019 Chair: TBD
    Staff Liaison: Deb Thornburgh, Director of Development
  • Diversity Committee

    Role: To work actively with the Head of School, Early Childhood & Elementary School, and Middle School Directors, faculty/staff and parents to evaluate the ongoing presence of and commitment to diversity at Orchard. Special attention is focused on monitoring and supporting the key tenets of the Orchard Strategic Plan that relate to Diversity. 
    2018-2019 Chair: Dawn Batson 
    Staff Liaison: Sherri Helvie, Head of School
  • Enrollment Management Committee

    Role: The role of the Enrollment Management Committee is to support and oversee strategies for recruitment of students to the school, ongoing cultivation of current families, and outreach on behalf of the school in the larger community in order to ensure that the school population best fits the mission and aims of the school.
    2018-2019 Chair: Alicia LaMagdeleine
    Staff Liaison: Jennifer Bostrom, Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Finance Committee

    Role: To work with the Head of School and the Chief Financial Officer to oversee the financial affairs of Orchard, and review and make recommendations to the respective Boards about the financial affairs and policies of Orchard.
    2018-2019 Governor Co-Chair: Betsy Dustman
    2018-2019 Trustee Co-Chairs: Shiv O'Neill & Jordan Kraner
    Staff Liaison: Courtney Williams, Chief Financial Officer
  • Governance Committee

    Role: To review and update the by-laws as necessary. To review the policies and procedures of the Board of Trustees.

    2018-2019 Chair: TBD
  • Joint Committee on Compensation and Evaluation

    Role: Made up of representatives of both Boards including both Board chairs. Manage and execute, in cooperation with both Boards and the Head of School, the goal-setting, evaluation, review and the setting of compensation for the Head of School.

    2018-2019 Co-Chairs: Phil Genetos, President, Board of Governors
                                        Colleen O'Brien, Chair, Board of Trustees

  • Parents' Association

    Role: To support The Orchard School mission, programs and activities, and to provide a network for parental involvement and communication.

    2018-2019 Chair: Christa Adkins (Parents' Association President)

    Staff Liaison: Jennifer Bostrom, Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Current Task Forces

    Financial Sustainability - Shiv O'Neill/Courtney Williams
    Financial Aid - James Betley/Sherri Helvie/Jennifer Bostrom

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  • Board of Governors

    President, Philip Genetos
    Vice President, Julie Manning Magid
    Treasurer, Betsy Dustman
    Secretary, Suzie Fehsenfeld
    Dan Appel '69
    Marcha Bennett   
    Jonathan L. Birge '53
    Mary Caito
    William "Bo" Elder, Jr. '63
    Dan Elsener
    Linda Hamilton
    Scott Hirschman
    Sue Lerchen
    Kevin Martin
    Cathy Rooney
    Trustee Representative, Colleen O'Brien
    Honorary Governor, Dr. Eric Yancy
    Honorary Governor, James Kemper
    Honorary Governor, Dr. Gwen Fountain
    Honorary Governor, Diana Leslie
    Honorary Governor, Needham S. Hurst
  • Board of Trustees

    Chair, Colleen O'Brien
    Vice Chair, Dawn Batson
    Treasurer, Jordan Kraner
    Secretary, Jim Combs
    Lesley Akosa 
    Andrew Appel '95
    James Betley '85
    Tina Korty
    Rich Michal
    Mandy Moore
    Ayana Rowley '95 
    Kristy Sherman '88
    Jennifer Shin
    Adrianne (Glidewell) Smith '94
    Brandon Sorge
    Kurt Weiper
    Meredith (Thornburgh) White '97

     President, Parents' Association, Megan Van Valer
     Alumni Heritage Association Representative, Matt Edwards '92
     Head of School (non-voting), Dr. Sherri Helvie