In Honor of International Women’s Day, Journey Through Orchard’s “(UN)Ladylike” Winterm Course

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"(Un)Ladylike as defined by our students is empowerment, pride, and strength.
In this course, we used the book The Confidence Code for Girls to not only explore, but practice tools to help us be more confident in all aspects of our lives. There was a goal to expose the girls to as many powerful, strong women as possible. In our short time together we had an opportunity to meet with Mina Hawk from the television show Good Bones on HGTV. We spent one day with the Butler Women’s Volleyball team and learned about female empowerment in the athletic realm. We had a Skype call with Princess Sarah Culberson and discussed what it means to be a “princess” today. Whitney Faires came to talk about what it is like being a woman in a tech-driven field, and we had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Helvie to discuss her journey to being our Head of School. 
Confidence is about how we are feeling about ourselves. Our daily morning work consisted of identifying things we are grateful for, setting our intentions, and daily affirmations, to help us grow in these areas. We identified our “IT” which came from watching A Wrinkle in Time, and challenged each other to overcome our own versions of “IT.” We also had an intention of giving back to our community, so we built boxes for each of the girls’ bathrooms in the middle school that have not only feminine hygiene products, but also other helpful items such as hair ties, makeup remover, lotion, and deodorant. We also practiced leadership skills by helping the Multiage Preschool kiddos in PE class and by reading to them. Finally, we celebrated ourselves, each other, and our time together with a trip to Hoosier Heights to rock climb as a way to practice our new found confidence!"
Winterm Teacher:
Lisa Pryor | Middle School Health, Physical Education, and Orchard Basketball Coach

Winterm is a two-week intensive class that meets in February where students study a topic of passion or strong curiosity. Rather than a superficial exploration, this model allows for great depth of study and understanding. Students engage in one mixed-grade course which will go in-depth into a unit or field of study.

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    • From the first day of (Un) Ladylike.

    • Giving back to the community: The girls are working in the woodshop to make nicer hygiene boxes.

    • Meeting with Jennifer Johnson, Head Equipment Manager at Butler.

    • The girls had a great time with the Butler Volleyball Team. They even featured us on their Instagram page! :)

    • Hanging out with Butler VB coach, Sharon Clark.

    • "Building" confidence and talking shop with Good Bones star, Mina Hawk.

    • The Multiage Preschool students LOVED seeing the Middle School girls for the day.

    • Studying up before their Skype call with Princess Sarah Culberson.

    • Whitney Faires came to talk about what it is like being a woman in a tech-driven field.


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