Progressive Ed Moments | Orchard Fourth Graders Present Social Justice Memorials To Their Classmates

"As a final performance task to fourth grade's second major unit of study, students completed a combined social studies, writing and reading project. During this project students researched a social justice leader. They had to look into the challenges they faced, how they stood up against injustice despite these challenges, and how their leader has even made an impact on today. Students prepared a multi paragraph speech to present to their classmates. To demonstrate their learning in a hands on, creative way students also constructed a memorial and plaque in honor of their chosen social justice figure."
Brittney Rosenbaum | Fourth Grade Teacher

Orchard believes in the importance of building a foundation to stand up in front of people with confidence. This is true from our three year olds to our eight graders. In this particual progressive education moment, students are diving into a project that gives them the ability to share different voices and perspectives with their peers in order to enrich us all.