The 10 Most-Read Stories in Orchard History

The Orchard School is currently planning and prepping for a year like no other. We will work hard to take the challenges of these times and create #onlyatorchard opportunities for our students and families. Things will look different during the times ahead, but our ability to adapt and learn will not. No matter what, our mission to develop and educate the whole child will be our focus. 
As you reflect and read through the stories below, don’t lose sight of these moments that make our institution special. We will get through the pandemic together and there will be a time in the future when we’ll put our arms around each other and sing, “To Orchard school our hearts are true…”
Out of nearly 400 posts, these are the 10 most-read stories in Orchard history.

1. Orchard Teachers Go The Extra Mile For Their Students | David and Allison - 2017

Click here to read the wonderful story of how an Orchard teacher used running to make a positive impact on one of her former students.

"Only at Orchard would a teacher take up distance running to help a child with anxiety and confidence.” -Orchard parent

This story was also picked up by the local news!

2. Clap Along as Orchard Teachers Share the 'Happy' with Lip-Sync Video on Teacher Appreciation Day - 2020

We all know Orchard teachers are the best, but did you know they're also excellent lip-sync performers?

This video embodies the fun-loving spirit that we all appreciate about Orchard teachers. And in true Orchard fashion, they did this for their students.

3. Lisa Pryor is Orchard’s New Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - 2019

Read Lisa’s personal letter to the Orchard community, where she explains how the inclusive nature of Orchard contributed to the discovery of her own identity.

As Orchard’s Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Lisa will strive to create, for everyone in our community, the same sense of belonging, and being valued, that she created in her classrooms for more than 15 years.

4. The Orchard School Families Project: Asava Family - 2019

The Orchard School Families Project was designed to build connections and celebrate the families we have in our community. The project is very simple, what does family mean to you? We hope you will take the time to learn more about the families that make up our community.

Meet the Asava family!

Click here to read more about The Orchard School Families Project.

5. Winter Pageant Photo Album | Happy Holidays From Orchard - 2019

Let's also give a collective shout out to our Orchard arts faculty who always model joy and enthusiasm for the performing and fine arts: Suellen Sharp, Sally McSpadden, Darren Lauria, Dustin Klein, Tracey Gallion, and Gail Emerich. You've brought out the artists in all of us!

6. Orchard Graduates Get the Star Treatment, Plus Big Screen Debut at Drive-In Theatre - 2020

Orchard literally put in the miles to celebrate the Class of 2020 stars! After five days, 25 hours, 56 stops, 200 miles, and countless wrong turns in the Orchard minibus, the 8th graders now have a personalized yard sign and their professional formal photo—an Orchard tradition.

Next up is a Hollywood-style graduation as families will pack the Tibbs Drive-In Movie Theatre for quite possibly the city’s first graduation ceremony totally conducted on the big screen!

Click here to read more. The end result was amazing, but there were definitely some hilarious hiccups along the way.

7. Winter Pageant Photo Album | Happy Holidays From Orchard - 2018

Click here to see the photo album.

8. Carpool Karaoke | Green & Gold Giving Day - 2019

Thank you, Orchard community! You helped us reach our goal of 250 donors during Green & Gold Giving Day inn 2019, and we raised $9,800 more than last year’s Giving Day.

Enjoy Orchard's Carpool Karaoke, a special treat for completing the donor challenge.

In the spirit of giving, click here if you're looking to make your mark on Orchard's new natural playgrounds for the year 2020! 

9. Orchard Graduate Accepted To Ivy League College | Parker Hershberger - 2017

Parker Hershberger spent more than a decade at The Orchard School. Recently, he graduated from Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School and started attending Dartmouth.

In our Q&A with Parker, he explains how Orchard helped in getting accepted to an Ivy League college. We are very proud of you, Parker.

Click here to read Parker's spotlight.

10. The Decision to Close The Orchard School - 2020

On March 11, The Orchard School made a proactive decision to close school and launch remote learning to ensure the safety of our faculty, staff, and students. Teachers worked hard to refine and expand remote learning plans that align with our mission to develop and educate the whole child.

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