Video: Orchard Graduates Get the Star Treatment, Plus Big Screen Debut at Drive-In Theatre

The Orchard School has truly put in the miles to celebrate the Class of 2020 stars! Middle School Director Angela Brothers and Marketing’s James Layne put their heads together in early April to develop a special plan: Not only would they visit every eighth grader’s house to deliver a personalized yard sign but they’d continue the tradition of taking formal professional photos of each student to help the Orchard community honor the 2020 graduates.

So after five days, 25 hours, 56 stops, 112 photos, 200 miles and countless wrong turns in the Orchard minibus, Mrs. Brothers and Mr. Layne say the eighth graders are officially ready to take to the big screen for their one-of-a-kind, Hollywood-style graduation. On Thursday, May 21, Orchard grads, their families and the greater Orchard community will pack the Tibbs Drive-In Movie Theatre for quite possibly the city’s first graduation ceremony totally conducted on the big screen, with student speeches, highlights from the year and sendoffs from the Orchard staff. And the Oscar goes to...the class of 2020. You’re all stars!

Click below to catch a glimpse of the weeklong journey in the Orchard minibus. The end result was amazing, but there were definitely some hilarious hiccups along the way. #onlyatorchard

***Social distancing techniques were put into place during the entire week. Bus riders never crossed paths, exited at different times out of different doors, and sat at least 6ft apart. All video was recorded from at least 6ft apart and was zoomed in during editing. All 8th graders were photographed with a professional zoom lens, leaving at least 10ft between photographer and student***