Orchard Teacher is a Leading Role in “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” and Her Students' Reviews Are In!

Debbie Underwood is a third grade teacher at The Orchard School, but according to some of her students she is “kind of a famous actress” in the local community theater scene, a scene she’s been acting in for more than 15 years!
Debbie uses her passion for theater to enhance the learning experience for children at Orchard.
“I love the theater and acting. I enjoy bringing my passion to the classroom and helping the students bring characters and stories to life. I also enjoy my after-school club where children with the acting bug and I take a play and put it on stage in 8 hours, an hour a week for 8 weeks.”
Catch Debbie in “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” running December 6-9 in Fishers. She plays Grace Bradley, a woman who has the job of directing the pageant after the woman who has directed for years breaks her leg! CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR TICKETS!
Here are the rave reviews, as told by some of her current students. 😀 
“[The play] is really a lesson that’s teaching you that if you are rotten or bad or a bully, then you really can change! The kids in the show thought it would be a horrible Pageant, but then they realized it was the BEST PAGEANT.”
“We couldn’t believe she was such a good actress. She does plays and stuff with us, but she’s pretty good at other plays too. 
“I didn’t know that Mrs. Underwood would kind of be famous, like just a little bit, but she’s still like a tiny bit famous!” 
“I think other kids would enjoy it because I’m a kid and I enjoyed it, so yeah…”
“It might be the best play you’ll ever see. I’ve never seen Mrs. Underwood do a play and she was really good. Her accent is really funny.”
"Get there early so you can get a good seat, and bring candy and popcorn because sometimes it's not always funny...like it gets serious sometimes."
“It was really weird looking at her and she was not being herself at school as our teacher. I mean, she taught kids in the play because she was a teacher in the play, too. I don’t know, it was just really weird…and really cool!”
“My favorite part was Mrs. Underwood’s accent.”
    • Picture from Carmel Community Players Facebook Page
    • Picture from Carmel Community Players Facebook Page
    • Posing with some of her students after last week's performance.

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