Founders Day, Philanthropy Week, and Community Connections

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Today (Founders Day) we celebrate 101 years of The Orchard School! The vision of our nine founding mothers is alive and well because of the commitment of our community throughout the years and the connections that bind us. In honor and celebration of our nine founding mothers, parents/guardians received a sunflower in the drop-off line this morning.

Did you know... Outdoor Education Coordinator Vicky Prusinski, fondly known as Mrs. P, planted our “Nine Mothers Sunflower Garden” during our Centennial school year? She times the planting just right so that the sunflowers are standing tall and blooming to welcome us during the first few weeks of school. The tradition continued this year and students have already used the garden for observational drawings, science lessons, and mindfulness breaks. 
We kicked off Philanthropy Week with the help of our third grade students. Each year they study Orchard history and share their newfound knowledge with the community. This morning, some of these students joined HOS Sherri Helvie at the front desk to kick off Philanthropy Week/Spirit Week and celebrate Orchard’s founding by making a schoolwide announcement over the PA system. And because today was Pajama Day, they did it in style. ;)
The celebration continued during lunchtime when breakfast for lunch was topped off with donut holes! Did you know supporting Rise ‘n Roll Bakery in Broad Ripple (moving to Nora at the end of the month!) also means you are supporting a small business owner with Orchard ties? Orchard Owls are constantly doing great things in the broader community and we love making the connection! Thank you, Rise ‘n Roll Bakery, and happy birthday, Orchard! 
Tomorrow is “Anything but a Backpack Day” and we can’t wait to see the creativity that will come with this. See you tomorrow, Owls! 

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