After Creating Cornhole Boards in the Makerspace, Students Host a Tournament to Support Orchard

(Scroll to the end to see pictures of each cornhole board)

After constructing custom cornhole boards in the #OrchardMakerspace, students painted a meaningful Orchard memory on the top. From tapping maple trees by the sugar shack to racing derby cars in math class, students poured their hearts into making these boards.
During the design process, students mostly had to use algebraic thinking to solve for X, as well as write algebraic equations. Other math concepts throughout the journey included: application of square angles, finding the midpoint, the four operations with fractions, and many more real work mathematical skills. Even scoreboard and the scorekeeping tools were created by the students!
Earlier in the year, eighth-grade teachers visited the makerspace to experience a day of preparation in order to learn how to use several tools, understand the logistics of the workshop, etc. Having dedicated time to collaborate for brainstorming, prototyping, and troubleshooting helped make for a smooth project with students. Watch their video here.
Eighth graders decided to end the year with some friendly competition and created the Cornhole for a Cause tournament. Lots of the Orchard community came out to play, including staff from development, the dean of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the middle school director. But in the end, there could only be one winning team...
Eighth-grade families purchased the custom cornhole boards and the Class of 2021 decided to donate the money to Orchard’s Owl Fund!
    • Memory: the mural made of recycled caps outside of Mrs. Gallion’s art room.

    • Memory: Science class in the butterfly garden.

    • Memory: 5th grade canoe trip and overnight stay on campus.

    • Memory: 5th grade canoe trip and overnight stay on campus.

    • Memory: 6th grade trip to St. Louis.

    • Memory: Kindergarten fairy tale plays.

    • Memory: Roasting marshmallows at the sugar shack/pancake day.

    • Memory: Nature at Orchard!

    • Memory: 8th graders reminiscing about the angels during winter pageant and the maypole at spring pageant.

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