The Orchard Auction | February 8th

We know you’re excited about The Orchard School’s 2019 Auction on Friday, Feb. 8—it’s hard to wait for the big event but you can prepare now!
First, get your tickets today to party with a purpose at THE social event of the year for the Orchard community. Tickets are only $75 per person ($260 for four) before Dec. 21. Next, pick up a game or puzzle or two or five for the auction’s Game Pull, an interactive activity similar to a wine pull. Attendees can buy a ticket to win one of 100+ board games, puzzles, gaming store gift cards and even entire gaming systems! Here’s the Amazon Wish List to order online or you could drop off your family’s favorite in the Parents’ Association office. Stacey Stover is the Game Pull guru. And, as the spirit of Thanksgiving spreads, we are thankful to you for contributing to auction tickets for teachers, giving us ideas for sponsors and suggesting the prizes you’d like to see, too, at