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Flexible Tuition Application Process 

1. Complete a Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) at School and Student Services (SSS by NAIS). Orchard's SSS code is 5571.

2. Upload the required supporting documents to your account at SSS by NAIS.

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  • Outdoor Education

    Outdoor Education is education in, about and for the out of doors. In an increasingly urban world, nature plays a central part in the education of the whole child. Direct experiences help students to gain a deeper understanding of life around them, to foster respect for an understanding of the interrelationships within the natural environment and develop an appreciation of people’s interdependence with the natural world.
  • Responsive Classroom

    The Responsive Classroom approach helps children develop positive social skills that enhance problem solving and academic achievement. Children need to be known individually, culturally and developmentally. With this knowledge teachers organize classrooms, establish curriculum and manage classrooms in the most effective way for student success.

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  • Technology

    Now more than ever, preparing students to live in a competitive, global society requires keeping pace with the rapidly changing world. Technology offers students new tools to explore, research, record, present and connect with the world beyond. The Orchard School’s progressive roots emphasize the need for academic excellence through hands-on, student-centered learning opportunities. The use of technology is a natural outgrowth of Orchard’s educational philosophy.

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  • Differentiation

    By recognizing that each student is an individual who comes to school with a unique set of background knowledge, experiences and skills, Orchard teachers craft lessons tailored to the specific readiness of each learner. Whether providing additional challenge for students performing above grade level benchmarks or modifying a lesson to provide appropriate scaffolding for someone who is struggling with a particular skill or concept, the Orchard educational experience is customized to meet the students where they are at each moment along their educational journey.

  • Experiential Learning

    Experiential learning, or “learning by doing,” has long been a hallmark of an Orchard education. By engaging the learners in direct experiences designed to foster application of knowledge and problem solving skills, Orchard teachers create real-life experiences that enable children to utilize social and academic skills and to make the connections for experiencing history, applying math and science, or understanding the concept of interdependence.
  • Student Life and Leadership

    The Orchard School believes students thrive and succeed when they feel a sense of connectedness, efficacy, safety, and independence. It is for those reasons Orchard Middle School is committed to providing experiences beyond the classroom that foster academic, physical, emotional, and social growth.

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  • Counseling & Psychological Services

    The Orchard School Counseling program is focused on providing a positive school climate and increasing students’ overall school success. There are five social emotional learning competencies which make up the center of the school counseling program. These competencies are (1) self-awareness, (2) self-management, (3) social awareness, (4) relationship skills, and (5) responsible decision making.

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