Early Childhood

Program Overview

Our Early Childhood program includes multiage & kindergarten classrooms. Both programs have two highly qualified lead teachers, as well as rotations with specialist teachers including music, science and Spanish. These two programs rely heavily on nature as the third teacher, sometimes spending over two straight hours engaged in our outdoor learning spaces. Orchard's 43-acre wooded campus provides many opportunities for moments of nature as teacher.

MULTIAGE (Preschool):
Our multiage classrooms are structured to enhance the preschool experience by creating a child-centered, emergent curriculum with full exposure to hands-on experiential learning. There are four classrooms with a mix of three through five-year-old students. If a child is three-years-old by August 31st, they will spend two years in this program. If a child is four-years-old by August 31st, they will spend one year in the program. 

We offer many options for the multiage program:
  • 5-Day Full Day (until 3:20 PM)
  • 3-Day Full Day (until 3:20 PM)
Before care begins at 7:00 AM and after care runs from 3:20 - 6:00 PM.

Children need to be five-years-old by August 31st to start the kindergarten program. Kindergarten is a 5-Day program. 

Multiage & Kindergarten offer a unique opportunity for families to support their children in a critical period of academic and social-emotional development. While developmental milestones are most often listed in a linear format, the rate and sequence that each child meets those benchmarks can be different. Multiage & Kindergarten classrooms tap into these differences and use them to enhance a child’s learning experience. Small group learning and peer groups remain flexible based on each child’s developmental path, not on their chronological age. At Orchard, our Early Childhood program leverages the benefits of a multiage & kindergarten environment alongside the best practices of Progressive Education. It’s that combination that creates a truly unique experience for each child and family that is part of our community.

Early Childhood & Elementary School Curriculum Map

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