Orchard Students Use The High Ropes Course To Discuss Physical Development

"At Orchard we strive to integrate the outdoors throughout students' studies and across curricular subjects. Last week that meant tackling the topic of puberty from atop the high ropes course. 

While biological change and physical development are core components of fifth graders' puberty studies, the adrenaline pumping act of climbing 30 feet in the air and walking across a very wobbly wire acts to support the more social and emotional components of our puberty curriculum. 

Students' experiences on the ropes course serve as a springboard for conversations about the challenges that come along with changing bodies and brains. Students describe the way that both the ropes course and puberty can be terrifying, exciting, and exhilarating all at the same time. In both cases everyone's experience will be different, things don't always turn out the way you expect, and if you're not careful you might start measuring yourself against others. 

No matter what happens though, we're all committed to supporting one another during this tumultuous time of change."

Words by Outdoor Education Coordinator, Colleen Bumford

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