Orchard Kindergarten Students Use Artifacts To Share What's Special About Their Families

Last Tuesday morning the kindergarten classrooms held an Artifact Fair!
Since the beginning of the school year, kindergarteners have been doing a unit on family and what is important to each family. The children brought in a suitcase with at least five items that represented their family and they had to explain the significance to their classmates. 
Then they picked one item that they wanted to share with the community outside of their classroom. In order to capture this best, students wrote why their artifact was important to them, they were videotaped reading it, and then they drew a picture of it to add to the classroom family quilt!

To end this part of the unit, all of the kindergarteners invited their parents to the Artifact Fair, an art gallery style showing where parents could see artifacts from every classroom.
Progressive education tenet: Develop the capacity to recognize and respect differences through curriculum, open inquiry, and learning from multiple perspectives.

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