Photo Album: First Grade Friendsgiving and a Focus on Kindness

The first grade students are studying communities and relationships as their overarching theme. To kick off the season of unity and celebration, they began to explore the world of our Orchard community. They have been learning that every person has a role and each individual is important to the community as a whole.
The students created a yarn community web to represent that we are all connected and support each other. In order for the web to stay intact, each first grader needed to do their part and support the web, just like in a real community. This experiential activity served as a catalyst to jump-start their deeper understanding of community and relationships.
This year, leading up to Friendsgiving, an emphasis was placed on random acts of kindness. The children learned how one small act of kindness can make a great difference in their community. Each first grader had the opportunity to notice and choose a friend that they felt was genuinely demonstrating kindness. Once recognized, the children wore a "Kindness Kid Badge" for the entire day. Their peers also came up with complimentary words to describe them which then went on their Friendsgiving place mat, becoming a focal point of the event's decorations. 
During our Friendsgiving, the children worked together as a community to prepare the table, food and decorations. 

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