Happy Diwali 2018! Orchard Parents Bring Their Culture into our Classrooms

On November 7th, during Early Childhood and Elementary School Town Meetings, a group of Orchard parents and students shared out about their celebration of the Hindu tradition, Diwali. 
Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, is the celebration of a time which Good wins over Evil and Light shines over Darkness. After a reading of the story of prince Rama and princess Sita's defeat over evil, Orchard parents talked about how they celebrate Diwali in their homes though the lighting of diyas (small lamps) eating sweets, lighting fireworks and firecrackers, exchanging gifts, feasting, celebrating with family, and wishing happiness and peace for everyone around the world. The parents finished their day in their child's classroom where they made simple Diyas using play-doh, adhesive gems and tea light candles. They did other symbolic activities as well.

Fun fact: did you know that on the Hindu Lunar Calendar it is the year 2075?! 
Enjoy these photos from Diwali at Orchard.

Progressive Education Tenet: Different voices and perspectives enrich us all, and we proactively embrace the rich diversity of the world. At Orchard, diversity is a given. We welcome all parents to share their culture with our students in hopes that we will generate courageous, compassionate citizens. 

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