Experience A Bird's Eye View From The Perspective Of A Second Grader

Check out this awesome GoPro video from the point of view of our second grade students who are utilizing our 27-element ropes course to enhance their curriculum.

Nearly 100 percent of this video was filmed by our students. Enjoy!

More from one of the second grade teachers: 
"The second graders took a trip up into the wild yonder of the canopy in the Orchard woods this week.  Students took turns hoisting each other up to a platform nestled amongst the tops of the trees using basic tools and a few physics' principles.  Second graders used this fantastic opportunity to experience the layers of the forest, which they have been studying in science and in project work, firsthand, while building community as a classroom and grade-level community.  The experience of ascending and descending into the topmost layers of the forest will be used as a springboard as students begin to write more in-depth personal narratives, highlighting the "small moments" we all experience every day, but only seldom give time to pause and reflect.  Stay tuned for the ways in which this incredible experience will help our young writers and scientists hone their skills of observation and their ability to detail those observations in a variety of ways."
Elizabeth Kesling | Second Grade Teacher

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