Orchard Preschool Students Debut Meaningful Identity Work After Year-Long Study

Last Friday was a busy day for our preschool students. After performing in the annual Spring Sing event at 8 a.m., they met their families back in the classroom to premiere all the work they’ve done throughout the year around identity.
The study of identity is a major focus in all preschool classrooms at The Orchard School. Teachers believe that by having these important discussions about identity at such an early age, children will discover the true meaning of diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe this progressive education tenet is the key to make the world a better place.
Scroll through the pictures below to see how students created a special piece of work showcasing their identity. From identity boxes to tree guides and from interactive art stations to identity books, each classroom displayed their work in a gallery layout for families to observe and discuss with their child.

Hear from the teachers! Read more about each classroom's Identity Study:

Mrs. Girton and Ms. Glowacki

    • Children were especially excited to share their Identity Box projects, which reflect who they are on the outside and inside. A lot of work and discussion went into these projects, and students prepared for their presentations by first sharing their identity boxes with each other and students from other classrooms.

    • Students gathered their Tree Guides that they have been working on all year and set out to take their parents on a tour of campus. On the tour, they used their tree guides to educate their families about the Sugar Maple, Red Oak, Ginkgo, Norway Spruce and the Apple Tree. The tour ended at the cabin where a gallery was set up, which included a framed picture of each child depicting their superpower, a book about each child's identity, and a pot filled with skin-colored paint that each child created. The families spent time reading the identity books on blankets and tables set up around the cabin.

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