Spotlight: Orchard Students Receive High School Scholarships, Read About Their Orchard Experience

We are proud to announce more high scholarship recipients for the 2018-2019 school year!

Progressive Education Tenet: Curious Minds, Confident Scholars
  • Comfort with complex questions that have multiple possible solutions leads to open-minded exploration and sophisticated comprehension
  • The best pathway to deep understanding, skills and knowledge is through active, rigorous, hands-on learning that taps into students’ instinctive curiosity

Jerren - Cathedral High School
Cathedral High School/Center for Leadership Development Scholarship
"Orchard gave me the confidence to talk to teachers when I really need help on stuff. Also, the things that they're learning are some of the things we are doing now like working with cells and mitosis, so I feel pretty prepared. I'm ready to walk in as the smart kid [laughs]! I'm going to miss my friends, but the friends I did make at Orchard will last a lifetime."  

Zoe - University High School
University High School Merit Scholarship
"Orchard is safe stress environment, so you can stress out about stuff but it won't ever be too stressful. In fifth grade we had to read more than 20 books, but the teachers help you the entire way. So it was like a safe area to take on a big task and feel the muscles in your brain get stretched. I also know my teachers really well so I don't feel weird asking them questions after class. I feel like all of those things are great skills to have in high school!"
Ellie - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Brebeuf Jesuit Merit Scholarship
"You learn how to apply things in school to the things that interest you because it helps us learn better if we like the things we are doing. Orchard helps us learn about time management and organizational skills, too. In sixth grade, they taught me a lot about taking notes and learning how to keep them organized in the middle school format. So when we are writing papers and using different programs they make sure we’re prepared for 7th grade, 8th grade and for high school."

Jacob - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Brebeuf Jesuit Merit Scholarship
"I feel that whatever Orchard is teaching me is exactly what I need to know, which I feel was proven in the High School Placement Test [Jake scored in the 96th percentile]. The well-roundedness of Orchard immensely helps us. I don't even think we quite realize how much it's going to help us later in life. Because instead of having one specific area of study, all the doors are open to you here. What they do is show you things you didn't even know existed, whether that's different ways you can solve an equation in math class or what important things going on in the world and what people are doing to change it. Teachers here open your eyes and keep them open."

Congratulations, Owls!

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    • L to R Top: Jerren, Zoe; L to R Bottom: Ellie, Jacob

      L to R Top: Jerren, Zoe; L to R Bottom: Ellie, Jacob