Stanford University Science Video Features Orchard Graduate Christopher Skalnik '13

Watch the video below to see Chris use hands-on techniques to solve scientific problems with other Stanford freshman. He’s currently studying Computational Biology at Stanford and feels Orchard played a role in getting him to where he is today.
“My experience [at Orchard] primed me to develop relationships with teachers and ask questions beyond the course materials.”
Another thing to notice about this video is how similar it is to Orchard classrooms. Students are up moving around, working closely with their teachers and peers, learning from mistakes and thriving in a hands-on environment.

*Chris is wearing the grey Stanford shirt and is featured in the thumbnail of the video.

In the video, Professor Steven Block describes the meaning of his course, which sounds like music to our ears.
“Develop some hands-on experience about learning how to confront a problem, how to recover from error, how to do proper controls so you understand when a new change that you make is meaningful and when it’s not.”