The Orchard School | MLK Jr Celebration

A committee of eighth graders gave a wonderful presentation to the entire school this morning. Their focus was to grow Orchard's knowledge of the civil rights movement. They did a wonderful job of including all grades by creating a question and answer game with a "Great Rights Shark," (pictures below). They also read excerpts from MLK Jr. and explained how there were many other crucial members of the civil rights movement. It's wonderful watching confident students lead such an important presentation to hundreds of people without any hesitation.

Only at Orchard! 

Here are the powerful words the eighth graders closed the assembly with:

"Our goal was to have you learn about the civil rights movement in a fun and positive manner. Had Martin Luther King been alive today, he would be marching and fighting for issues that are more prominent now than in his day. Such as gender, religion, ability, social class, immigration and continuing the fight for racial equality. We encourage and challenge all the teachers of this school to take MLK's message of equality and activism beyond this assembly and beyond the day!" 

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