The Arts

Whether it's through band, orchestra, choir, drama or visual arts, our students are given choices when it comes to creative expression.
Music is essential in the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development and well being of every child. Since it is a basic and universal expression of human culture, every student at The Orchard School has access to a balanced, comprehensive and sequential program of study in music.
At Orchard, early childhood and elementary music classes are taught using cross-curricular collaboration and the Orff-Schulwerk model. This approach develops musicianship through singing, playing instruments, speech, movement, composition, and improvisation. Active music making, an essential component of this approach, supports the students’ cognitive, social-emotional, and musical growth. As students enter middle school, their musicianship continues to develop as they join orchestra or band, and choir. In these ensembles, students not only continue to develop their musical skills, but they learn how to work together to create something larger than themselves. Orchard music students become confident and creative performers and composers. They develop a lifelong love of music with an appreciation of creativity and the understanding of how the arts contribute to self and society.
*Student-driven performances*Music from a variety of cultures
*Composition and Improvisation
*Sing, Say, Dance, Play
*Music class EVERY year Multiage Preschool through eighth grade
*Orchestra, Band, Choir
*Middle School Musical
*Instruments – xylophones, percussion, and world 
Visual art at the Orchard School is designed to allow students to become confident artists who are capable of using a variety of media to express themselves creatively. Students are encouraged to use problem-solving skills to help them discover ways to fulfill project assignments. Many art experiences integrate with classroom themes of study, which provides opportunities to make connections and expand their knowledge. Students learn to be responsible for the proper care of their tools and materials.  
*Nature-Based Projects
*Cross-Curricular Collaboration