Photos & Gratitude: Thanks for a great Night Owl 2024 auction!

Keep scrolling to see photos from the event. Orchard community, we sent an email titled "Thanks for a great Night Owl auction! Enjoy the photos!" with a few more photos.

Such a fun time was had last night at The Orchard School’s annual auction, The Night Owl! We sincerely thank everyone who supported the auction both from The Fountain Square Theatre and online. It was such a great night full of fun times and community connections–all while supporting the Owl Fund and our faculty Owl-Star dancers!
We are beyond grateful for the generosity and continued support of our sponsors, Goelzer Investment Management; Trane; Garland Company; A Bride’s Choice Florist; Full Circle Flooring; Katz, Sapper and Miller; and Forty5 Presents! We are tremendously grateful to you and are looking forward to working together in the future. 
As you know, members of Orchard’s faculty and staff partnered with professional dancers to prepare for the “Dancing with the Owls” dance competition. After months of preparation, the community roared with excitement after each amazing performance! Congratulations and cheers to Ana Grillo (7th & 8th Grade Spanish), Taleesha Martin (Kindergarten), Jenna Niemeyer (5th Grade English), Linda Appel (Retiree), Scott Weaver (Makerspace Coordinator), and Debbie Underwood (3rd Grade) for their show-stopping numbers at The Night Owl!
Also, thank you to Sherri Helvie (Head of School), Aiyamsami Sreenivasan (6th Grade Math), and Everette Sasser (Facilities Director) for their dedication and support of this competition even though they were unable to participate in the end due to unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate their hard work and willingness to support. 

And the “Dancing with the Owls” winners are…

People’s Choice Award:
 Linda Appel
Judges' Choice Award: Taleesha Martin
Night Owl Award (voted by their dancing peers): Taleesha Martin

A special thanks to the Orchard Development and Marketing Departments for their collaboration in making this experience a success. This was my first year at Orchard and I couldn’t have done it without Development Coordinator Vanessa Bertoni-McElroy's willingness to support, her historical knowledge, and her heart for Orchard. The support and volunteered time of Head of School Sherri Helvie, Chief Advancement Officer Rochelle Reeves, CFO Valerie Hunt, Development Director Sarah Edwards, Director of Major Gifts & Grants Amanda Geoode, and Development Stewardship and Database Coordinator Casey Martin was crucial in terms of making this experience successful. Thanks for trusting my ideas!  

My sincere gratitude to Director of Marketing and Communications James Layne and Graphic Design and Communications Specialist Anne Whisler. Your patience, vision, hard work, quick turnarounds, and quality work helped bring the vision to fruition.

IT Systems Manager David Hilderbrand, thank you for helping me navigate the technicalities of our audio/visual needs. I appreciate your guidance.

Makerspace Coordinator Scott Weaver, I can’t express how profoundly grateful I am for your MANY contributions to making this auction a success. In addition to starring in the show and providing us with a thrilling performance of Candyman, we also commissioned Scott to craft each of the trophies provided to our winners. Finally, alongside his students, Scott created and donated MULTIPLE pieces to the auction. Our parents and students are forever grateful for the experience of taking part in crafting those items.

To Heather Tosh and all of the grade-level parents. You all produced exceptional art projects with our students. Your contributions were favorites of the donations and contributed greatly to the success of this auction! I am grateful for your willingness to put in the work and time to create these beautiful items. 

A huge thank you to the Orchard teachers and staff members. You all have made time in your classrooms to create art, donated your own time, skills, and ideas for GEMS, and supported us with your presence last night.

My sincere appreciation to Parents’ Association President Amy Kramer and the PA for their support including all of their efforts around procurement. Lisa Hancock, Sridevi Gunasekaran, and Megan Van Valer, thank you for your time and for sharing historical knowledge and expertise.

Director of Student Services Tamara French and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator Marcus Hatcher, thank you for your tremendous support with procurement. 

There are so many people without whom this event would not have been possible. To pull off the production of The Night Owl it requires the collaboration and support of the entire Orchard Community.
Our sincere gratitude goes out to all of the donors who bid on items, donated experiences (especially the Orchard Gems), and volunteered their time and effort to help make this event truly successful. 
Thank you all for being willing to join me to make this night happen. I hope you all enjoyed the time together raising money for teachers and students.

Gabrelle German
Alternative Revenue Program Manager

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