Capture the Beauty of Progressive Education at Orchard as It Organically Unfolds

Join us on an uplifting journey across Orchard’s campus as we take to the skies and capture the beauty of Progressive education as it organically unfolds.

On October 27th we planned to use our drone to take a photo of the seasons changing on Orchard’s campus. That morning our drone captured so much more than nature’s beauty and the changing leaves. During the flight from 500 ft, we discovered students immersed in hands-on learning across our wooded 43 acres. Our Owls were working on math concepts in their outdoor classrooms, creating poetic narratives, honing their writing skills, and immersing themselves in the wonders of outdoor education. 

In true Orchard fashion, the spontaneous clips in this video are un-scripted and an honest reflection of the amazing work our teachers and students do on a daily basis. With a 101-year history, amazing work is inevitable at Orchard, so sit back, relax, and watch it unfold from a different perspective.


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