Progressive Ed Moments | Orchard teachers transform the science room into a cell

A few photos and a video wrap up from our students follow this write up.

Using national science standards (NGSS-next generation science standards), fourth graders at The Orchard School study how plants and animals have internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction. 
After a project about wolf kill/horse exhumation and exploration, students “zoomed in” even closer on internal structures by examining the difference between plant and animal cells under the microscope.
In #onlyatorchard fashion, math and science teacher Nichole Cazares transformed the entire science lab into a cell where students did observational drawings and learned about the different organelles (parts of a cell) and their functions. They also built 3D models, created infographics, or created stop motion videos sharing what they have learned about cell organelles or the organizational levels of cells.
Finally, these fourth grade scientists were assessed on their knowledge of cells through a scavenger hunt inside of the lab-turned full size organelles of a cell. 


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