Photo Album: Halloween Parade 2023

Chilly weather and first snow of the year brought the beloved Halloween Parade back to its indoor route for the 2023 school year. Enjoy these photos from the parade and a special gathering in the Steve Thompson Gym where we highlighted all of our spooky Owls. We closed by joining together as a community to sing the Orchard Hymn and Fight Song. 

Enjoy the photos below! And if you celebrate, Happy Halloween! 🎃


Parents/guardians: watch for an email this evening titled "OCTOBER 2023 OWL NEWSLETTER: ISSUE 17" there will be a link to more photos and all of the high resolution downloads.

Candy: We are asking that you please make sure all Halloween candy stays at home tomorrow. It helps us to ensure that students will eat a healthy snack and lunch while they're here at school, and it also helps us avoid unintentionally exposing other students to food allergens.

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