Farewell Letter to Orchard | Jiannhua Huang - 22 Years

Twenty-two years ago I was working with a consulting company, and The Orchard School was one of their clients. When the company wanted to move me to a different location, Orchard’s former technology director, Mark Kesling, opened a job for me on that day. I’m very grateful to Mark for asking me to work at Orchard.
Orchard has such a great learning environment, and you’re encouraged to try new things. I was able to develop programs for the school that I’m very proud of such as Progress Reports, Attendance, and Learning Enhancer, to name a few. My sons Joshua ’08 and Chen Chen ’12 also loved their time here.
Some of my favorite memories are seeing teachers and students every day; they’re like family to me. Collaborating with former Technology Director Nate Surls was also a highlight because we worked well together and created lots of useful tools for Orchard. Finally, one that really stands out is when I had to replace all of the computer batteries. I was running out of time so I asked for help, and all of the teachers showed up to help me. I’ll always remember that.
Goodbye, Orchard!

Congratulations to The Orchard School's 2022-2023 retirees! Even though we miss seeing you around campus, We're excited for your future endeavors and please know you're always welcome back. #owlsforever

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