Farewell Letter to Orchard | Linda Appel - 43 Years

Linda Appel
Cheers to 43 years of happiness! It was an amazing experience to work in such a comfortable environment for the past 43 years.  I have had many wonderful experiences and learned a great deal of things at The Orchard School.  I have had the pleasure of seeing my children attend Orchard and graduate.  Now I have three grandchildren here.  Seeing their happy faces every day is such a pleasure. It has been an honor to associate with such great people.  I thank all of my colleagues and students for supporting me.  I have gained many true friends, and I will surely be in touch with all of them.  I will be forever grateful for the last 43 years. Thanks again.
With love and respect,

Congratulations to The Orchard School's 2022-2023 retirees! Even though we miss seeing you around campus, We're excited for your future endeavors and please know you're always welcome back. #owlsforever

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