GoPro: Students rise to the challenge on Orchard's 27-element ropes course

Third-graders at The Orchard School use the Postman's Walk to climb a 10-foot pole, traverse a 30-foot cable, and get lowered to the ground. This element truly tests students' ability to push through the "groan zone" to expand their "growth zone." Watch from the perspective of our students, as some of them wore a GoPro during their climb!

Starting in preschool and throughout their years at Orchard, students challenge themselves on the ropes course. The key to personal as well as group development is making a commitment to do your best. The Challenge Education Program aligns with a priority of Orchard's new Strategic Plan–“Environmental Education and Stewardship,” which captures our long-term commitment to the concept of nature as teacher.

These experiences, especially in nature, enhance the education process, build moral character, and develop a willingness to identify and take positive risks. Age-appropriate and increasingly difficult activities foster leadership through teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. Students process and reflect on each activity's outcome, which is vital to transferring these skills to daily life.

Quotes from the climb:
"I can't believe we just did that!"
"That was terrifying!"
"I'm never doing that again."
"I'm scared, but I'm excited."
"Can I come down now?"
"Can we go twice...please!?"
"Wow...okay...this is crazy"
"I knew I could do it."
"Best day ever!"

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