The periodic table is the icing on the cake for Orchard third graders

Last year’s third graders created a 15’ X 6’ periodic table wall mural, and now as fourth graders, they are the experts on certain elements.
Our current third graders learned about atoms and studied the elements–how they are organized and categorized. Eventually, they expressed interest in recreating the periodic table of elements for a conclusion project, but not just any periodic table…students researched and created 118 flags one for each element, they then designed cupcake frostings that categorized each element cupcake and organized them into a Periodic Table of Cupcake Elements.
The third-grade students invited the expert fourth-grade class to join them at the Periodic Table of Cupcake Elements Party, the students celebrated the work they did by sharing cupcakes and information on the different elements with the fourth-graders. 
Fourth graders enjoyed the opportunity to think back to what they learned the previous year and how the elements tie into their electricity and heat transfer unit– thinking about copper and zinc as conductors and what element categories are heat conductors.
Fun fact: Second-grade teacher Mrs. Carter made all of the cupcakes and icing through her company SoLuna Baking Co. Check it out!

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