Add to Orchard's Centennial Time Capsule!

On the last day of Centennial Celebration Weekend, the Orchard Community opened and reminisced over the contents in the unsealed time capsule from 33 years ago. We saw pictures and videos from Orchard’s first cross country season, a sixth grade picnic, and a tour of the school with interviews. Students wrote and/or painted pictures showing what they loved about Orchard and they also gathered data and discussed style trends (Swatch Watches, Nike Air Jordans, Bugle Boy, and v-neck sweatshirts for girls).  

Towards the bottom of the time capsule we discovered a very special note from none other than Gordon H. Thompson (Head of School from 1939 to 1984). As a teacher and Head of School, Gordon dedicated 52 years of his life to The Orchard School and we would not be where we are today without his impactful legacy. In his note, Gordon hoped our community still cherished its sense of humor while providing the best education for students. He signed off with a statement all Owls can resonate with, “The Orchard School, it is my life and a good life indeed.”

We are now ready to collect items for the Centennial Time Capsule! A dedicated collecting station will be in Orchard’s main lobby until Spring Pageant on May 24th. We will seal the capsule during the pageant and it will be opened again during Orchard’s 125th anniversary celebrations. 

Not sure of what to include? Here are some ideas that you could put in the capsule by writing a letter, including a picture, creating a collage, or whatever you feel creatively. Please be sure to add your name and affiliation to the artifacts:
  • Favorite Orchard Memory
  • Special Orchard Events
  • Today’s Technology (physical or a picture collage)
  • Current Events
  • Friendships Made at Orchard
  • Plans for the Future
  • Write a Note to Yourself
  • Social Media
  • Photos
  • Video Clips on a Jump Drive
  • Ideas for the Future
During Grandparents’ & Special Friends’ Day, students will work on a small activity with their guests to include in the capsule. And middle school students have already filmed a few videos, including a tour of the campus! Again, item collecting will continue until May 24th, so be sure to get your items in as soon as possible. If you need to mail something, please address it to James Layne at 615 W. 64th St. Indianapolis IN 46260.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to the Time Capsule Crew:

Jody Baker (Former Orchard teacher, 25 years)

Judy Colip (Former Orchard teacher, 17 years)

James Layne (Director of Marketing & Communications)

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