Written by Elliotte (7th grade)
Photography by Luca (7th grade) and Elliotte  


Today I interviewed some teachers and students from the Harry Potter Winterm. In this Winterm, the main goal is to make one chapter and put it into one book. First I interviewed Ms. Kendall Crowley, one of the teachers of this Winterm. I wondered how she came up with the Winterm and she said that she was halfway done reading the book and Mrs. Allison Housefield had already done this Winterm and pulled her in. Ms. Crowley had an idea for doing an art Winterm but then joined Mrs. Housefeild.

When I showed up on this day, the class was in the process of making supporting characters for their book. Students already made heroes and villains and a magical world for their book. They have also planted succulents, made a slime lab, and made their wands. She said that the lab was the best part and was so much fun. 

Next, I interviewed one of the students (Victoria) on her favorite part of the Winterm. “I love how crazy and fun the people are,” she said. “I also love the teachers and the fact that we’re all going to make a chapter for the book. 

Finally, students made their own brooms and played a game of quidditch. The teams were Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw versus Slytherin and Gryffindor. I went to watch them play on the soccer field and it looked so fun and silly. Just from what I have gathered I can tell that they are all-in on the Harry Potter life.