Record-Setting Pancake Breakfast during Orchard's centennial syrup season

Keep scrolling after the article to see photos. Orchard Community, we'll include a link to all of the high-resolution photos in the next Observer and the March Owl Newsletter.

This is such a special time on Orchard's campus—the sap is flowing and students have converted it to syrup, pancakes are cooked over an open fire, springtime is on the horizon, and the Orchard community is together in the place we all love the most. Speaking of being together, this was a record-setting attendance year!

Thank you to our sponsors (listed below) and to all who attended Orchard's annual Pancake Breakfast brought to you by the Alumni Heritage Association. Hopefully, you enjoyed quality time with friends and family, storytime with Orchard's Librarian Angie Roberts, and of course, savoring LOTS of delicious pancakes with syrup made by our students. Cheers!


MCL Restaurant & Bakery
Casey McGaughey '95 and Family
The Bowen Family
The Linsmith and Troy Families
The Class of 2005


For nearly 100 years Orchard students have learned how to turn sap into syrup. Students first tapped maple trees in the spring of 1927 after moving to Orchard’s second location on 42nd Street. After tapping the 53 maple trees on the campus, students worked with shop instructor Hillis Howie to produce 500 quarts of syrup that year. In 1933, Howie became Orchard's second Head of School. The tradition of tapping trees continued when The Orchard School moved to the current 64th street campus. Under the guidance of beloved teacher Fred Lorenz, Orchard students first tapped the maple trees in the Orchard Woods in the spring of 1958. Since then, tapping trees and making maple syrup has been a highlight of the school year, especially for the first graders learning the details of the process from start to finish as part of their science classes with such teachers as Diana Shellhaas, Vicky Prusinki, Joe Bricker, Colleen Bumford, and Jason Peterson. 

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