Alumni check-in: Noah Skaggs '18 is attending USC on a Pre-Med track

Catch up with Noah Skaggs '18

I’m currently attending the University of Southern California, majoring in Human Biology on the Pre-Med track with a minor in Mathematics. I chose USC because of its academic reputation and the opportunities it provides by being in a large city. And of course, you can't beat the weather there!
Outside of attending class and studying, I spend my free time going to football games, hanging out with friends, and exploring the city of Los Angeles. I enjoy different challenges and I am motivated by new experiences and meeting new people. 
USC and Orchard are separated by over 2,000 miles, but I know that the impact Orchard has had on me gave me the confidence to be successful in college and beyond.
I often think about my time at Orchard and some of my favorite memories are definitely the eighth-grade trip to D.C, the Winter Pageant, and tapping the trees in science class for syrup in the winter. Also, all of my teachers at Orchard had a lasting impact on me by encouraging me to be curious, ask questions, and have the confidence to speak up. I am especially fond of Mr. Mitchell, Mrs. Brown, and Mr. Mossakowski because of the impact they had on my passion and desire to pursue a career in science and math. I also loved Mr. Berry's history class. From these teachers and their classes, I acquired some of the most useful skills that I still practice to this day, such as time management and being open-minded to learning and exploring new things.
Go Owls!
    • Noah standing by Tommy Trojan, officially known as the Trojan Shrine. This is one of the most recognizable figures of school pride at the University of Southern California.

    • Over the summer Noah and his brother Ryan Skaggs '21 donated their instruments back to Orchard's music department.

    • One of Noah's longtime Orchard buddies, Sammie Smulyan '18 also joined the visit. Sam is currently attending Georgetown University.

    • Noah and his family at Ryan's eighth-grade graduation.

    • Practicing for the eighth-grade orchestra concert.

    • Noah giving his eighth-grade speech with the Class of 2018 behind him.

    • Speaking to the entire school during a MLK Jr. assembly put on by our eighth graders.

    • Noah's "Think Tank" business during Orchard's Winterm Course: Business Leadership in the Next Generation.

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