Hispanic Heritage Month: Orchard Students Research, Present, and Go Hands-On

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¡Viva el mes de la herencia Hispana!
In honor of Hispanic heritage month, Señora Poletti’s fifth and sixth-grade Spanish classes studied the work of notable achievers such as Ellen Ochoa, Lin Manuel-Miranda, and Shakira. After choosing a notable achiever, students researched to find out where their parents were born, in order to further understand their Hispanic heritage. While they focused on why their achiever was so well known, they were also asked to find out what kind of influence they’ve made on the community. From there, students used their art skills to create colorful and eye-catching posters to bring their work to life!
Before fall break, students culminated their discoveries and honed their public speaking skills by presenting their work to the Orchard community–everyone was invited!  After the presentations, Owls enjoyed Mexican and Puerto Rican food brought in by Orchard parents, and they sang and danced to the “Encanto” soundtrack, Selena Quintanilla, Marc Anthony, and more!

Second graders made Arepas with Orchard families from Colombia and Venezuela. Students loved dressing like chefs as they worked together to read step-by-step instructions, measure appropriately, and taste something new. Third graders continued their salsa-making unit -- #onlyatorchard will you find students harvesting and cutting veggies from the School’s hoop house, cooking food over an open fire while singing Spanish songs, and working as a team to make enough salsa for every third grader to enjoy the best snack ever. And this was all during Spanish class!
What a fun way to build community while celebrating Hispanic heritage month!
Long live Hispanic Heritage Month! (¡Viva el mes de la herencia Hispana!)
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