Kindergarten Teacher Visits Ghana with Support from Orchard

This year kindergarten teacher Taleesha Martin went on her fifth mission trip to Ghana, just outside of the capital city of Accra.
Her first mission trip was in 2013 with several other trips to follow, however, in 2019 she was diagnosed with a form of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and was unable to travel as planned. As for the next trip in 2020, the pandemic settled in. So this year was her first opportunity to visit since 2018.
While in Ghana the mission team visited and worked at the Manna Mission Institute, where the hospital and School Academy are located. MMI also holds medical clinics on some of the smaller islands within the region. Taleesha and her group traveled to an island in Ada and discovered, that due to the pandemic, no one had been to the island to provide care since 2019. While in Ghana, she also visited a local orphanage, spending time with the children, and took an amazing canopy walk in Kakum National Park.
While she was not able to teach during this trip due to end-of-year exams, she was able to lead a seminar with the faculty. "The teachers want so much more for the students," Taleesa said.  "However, the training and resources are difficult to come by, and it is my hope to return to help implement training."
The faculty and staff at The Orchard School made monetary donations to provide supplies to the school and with their generous contributions, we were able to purchase new desks to complete the furnishings of the junior high classrooms and several primary classrooms.
Taleesha is very grateful for the support received. "Thank you Orchard for giving your heart. I know the faculty and students of Manna Mission Academy are most appreciative."

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