Farewell Letter to Orchard | Regina Thomas - 21 Years

Regina Thomas Shared Her Love Through Lunches and Kids Connect for More Than 20 Years

Kids Connect Supervisor, Food Service Team Member Regina Thomas, 21 years

I want to say thank you to The Orchard School family for all of the wonderful years I have had in this community. From early rising and fun evenings in Kids Connect to ensuring the kiddos have an awesome lunch service, I think of the children as if they are my own. I remember a time when students would ask their parents to bring them to morning Kids Connect because they found out the early Kids Connect students were getting breakfast. One student brought eggs, and I made pancakes. It was a great morning! I have so many memories and stories to reflect on from my 21 years here.

As I continue to think back over my time at Orchard, I feel grateful for the connections and the everlasting friendships I have made. I want to give a shout out to Kids Connect Extended Program Manager Cindy Larsen and my Aladdin Food Services family for also being a big part of my success within the Orchard community.
Thank you all for the love and well wishes as I retire.

I love you all!

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