The Orchard School's Pancake Breakfast Brings the Community Together Again

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The Orchard School’s first full community gathering since March of 2020 was last Sunday at the annual Pancake Breakfast brought to you by Orchard’s Alumni Heritage Association. There are no words to fully explain how amazing it was to have our community together again on campus (all 673 of us)! Enjoy the smiling faces in the video and photos, and keep scrolling to see some of the hard work that goes into making syrup for this event! Cheers to many more in-person opportunities in the near future!

Also, shoutout to our first graders who did most of the heavy lifting to collect sap from the Orchard woods. All in all, the Class of 2029 stockpiled more than 400 gallons of sap, which made about 10 gallons of maple syrup. Great work, Owls. #makingmathfun #natureasteacher #orchardtraditions

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