Kindergarten Teachers Host Olympic-Sized Celebration for 100th Day

(Pictures below)

Inspired by the current Winter Olympics, kindergarten teachers at Orchard celebrated the 100th day of school like the gold medalists they are. It was a day their students will not soon forget—full of fun, lots of counting, and so many smiles!

When students arrived in the morning, they were greeted with an Olympic podium and streamers covering classroom doors. Inside each kindergarten classroom, there were Olympic-themed activities and events for all of the students to rotate through. They could attend or compete at different stations…spoiler alert…they all won gold 😉.  

All of the stations were Olympic-sized fun, they also had an academic focus as well. Artists made 100-dot ring creations and decorated 100-day hats. The ring toss and curling competitors added all of their scores together…first to 100 wins! And after lunch, students surrounded the Orchard Green and passed the Olympic flame all the way around, while counting by tens each time the torch was relayed—making its way to the bell tower. Then everyone counted by tens each time Ms. Glowacki rang the bell. The crowd went wild when they reached 100!

Even after all of that, there’s more! Kindergarten students finally got to meet Zero the Hero, someone who they've received mystery letters from on days that end in 0. They danced, counted, and worked out with Zero before he had to fly off to another school to celebrate another 100th day. Thank you to Scott Meyer (8th Grade Social Studies teacher) for being Zero the Hero. 😃

This is such a great example of the importance of making learning memorable and fun because when students love what they’re doing, the sky’s the limit when you integrate academics.


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