Orchard Leads the Way, Swaps Plastic Lunch Trays for Stainless Steel

In 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy statement warning parents that chemicals in plastic are harmful to a child’s hormones, growth and brain development. That’s why pediatrician Dr. Manasa Mantravadi started Ahimsa (the world's first and only colorful stainless steel tableware for kids). And recently, she created a safe and practical solution for Orchard's cafeteria—stainless steel trays. Stainless steel won’t leach harmful chemicals into your child’s food. Plus, it will eliminate single-use waste.
We all know that plastic has negative effects on our environment. Did you know that plastic never truly completely decomposes? YIKES! And less than 10% of plastic has ever been recycled. Nearly 69% of steel is recycled in North America. This is more than paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic combined! 
Head of School Dr. Sherri Helvie shared, "I'm so excited to be moving forward on this project that is two years in the making.  As a school that supports environmental sustainability and doing what's best for the health and wellness of children, we couldn't be happier about being one of the first schools in the country to partner with AHIMSA in bringing 100% recyclable stainless steel trays to our cafeteria.  Based on our students' responses on this first day, they seem just as excited about the shift as we are."

Enjoy the photos below from our launch day!

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