Classroom Pop-In: Orchard Third Graders Inspect Gadgets in Science Class

Go Go Gadget Third Graders! 

Third graders in Kelsey Given’s science class at The Orchard School kicked off their simple machines project by taking apart gadgets with real tools from the #OrchardMakerspace.

The sounds of hammers and drills filled the hallways as tiny parts and pieces covered the entire science room. Students were given the freedom to use their imagination, test out new tools, and think scientifically while identifying how to disassemble simple machines. Towards the end, they even attempted to reassemble their devices. It was organized chaos in a good way.

Overall, these third graders have done a great job writing about their experiences, predicting outcomes, and problem-solving throughout the entire project.

THE SKILLS ALONG THE WAY: The ability to persevere, think critically, use real tools from the #orchardmakerspace, identify problems, and understand the benefit of simple machines and how they are used in everyday life.

What a fun day in science class!

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