Drive Thru Pancake Breakfast

Join us on March 14th for a special drive thru edition of Orchard's beloved pancake breakfast. RSVP by March 1!
For decades Orchard students have harvested sap from the majestic maple trees on our campus and learned the science behind converting it to syrup. Come join us to celebrate their sticky-sweet success at the annual pancake breakfast hosted by Orchard's Development Department and the Alumni Heritage Association! Hope to see you there.

RSVP by March 1st!

This year's pancake breakfast will be held in memory of Ann Dean '34. Ann and her husband, Noble, both attended Orchard starting an Orchard legacy lasting three generations. Ann and Noble's two children, Tom and Maggy both attended Orchard as well as Tom and beloved Orchard librarian, Karen Dean's three children Noble, Benjamin, and Kate. Ann was also a founding member of Orchard's Alumni Heritage Association which has hosted the Pancake Breakfast since its inception.