Orchard Spanish Showcases Student’s Heritage and Family Journey from Venezuela to Indiana

Last week in Spanish class, Orchard student Niccolò presented to all of his third-grade classmates about his family heritage. He also showcased key terms such as "indigenous" and measured the distance between Indiana and Venezuela.

Then he explained important current events such as the country's demonstrations to oust President Maduro and the Carnaval celebration that’s happening this month. Finally, he compared and contrasted Venezuelan Spanish with Mexican Spanish—sometimes the words aren't the same!
Third graders were active participants in Niccolò's project, asking intelligent questions and thanking him
for his excellent presentation. And they loved hearing his personal stories about his mother and grandparents.

Fun fact: Niccolò's mother is Vanessa Bertoni-McElroy, Orchard's Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
Skills and Knowledge:
  • Applying reading skills, internet technology, and presentation skills;
  • Sharing about a topic (a country) that is meaningful to the student.
  • Differentiated instruction for a heritage speaker


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