Video: Orchard Students Get Crafty During Energy Production Projects

[Keep scrolling after the write-up to watch a video and see pictures.]

Each year, energy production projects help middle school students at The Orchard School recognize and understand the various energy sources available to us. Some of the examples are wind, solar, hydroelectric, coal, biofuel, nuclear, wave, and oil. Students are required to do a slide presentation and a 3D model--some students choose to do a research paper (picture below).

It's an exciting time in science as the students learn the pros and cons of the energy source they have chosen to study. They also learn of the environmental and economic impact of the energy source. Watch the video to hear from a few of our students as they take you through the science behind their particular project.

Middle school students are currently mandated to remote learning until January 15th by the Marion County Public Health Department. This video was recorded on October 25th.

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