Election Day 2020: The Orchard Community Dives into Civic Engagement

The Orchard School’s mission is to develop and educate the whole child. Part of that philosophy is to foster character development, independent critical thinkers, and a commitment to service and civic responsibility.
From as early as preschool, Orchard students are taught the importance of being active citizens and stewards rooted in justice, integrity, and compassion. So it's no surprise that our students and our community want to be involved during the election season.
Below are a few of the ways our community members have participated in civic engagement:

Eighth graders Audrey, Elise, and Meredith registered nearly 100 people to vote! They had a booth at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market with signs encouraging people to do their civic duty. They even found themselves educating people on when, where, and why they should vote. Meredith's brother Parker (class of 2014) also helped out at the farmers market. ICYMI: Here's Parker's spotlight from a few years back.
Mason, a second grader at Orchard, has a powerful message for everyone. “Your vote is our voice. My friends and I depend on you to make a better America for us!”

Teachers, alumni, and current parents are out working the polls today! (L to R): Middle school technology teacher Reegan Homburg, Eli Franklin Class of 2017, and current parent Stephanie

The Martin/Vorenberg first grade classroom made a voting booth and ballot box. They created daily voting opportunities for students in the building. Students also presented a two minute zoom presentation to educated other classrooms. This was a 1st /2nd grade activity. 

Head of School Sherri Helvie took advantage of early voting here in Indianapolis.

Way to go, Owls!

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