Middle School Students at Orchard Use the Makerspace to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Fifth graders in Teressa Hart‘s classroom at The Orchard School celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday, October 12th with the telling of traditional stories from North American tribes. The weeks leading up to today were spent learning about the similarities and differences of the people who lived on this continent before European contact. 
From Arctic Inuits to the Taino of the Caribbean and all areas between, the term "Native American" describes not one but many different cultures. Students built model shelters from each region to highlight this diversity. 
Orchard Makerspace Coordinator Scott Weaver brought tools from the #OrchardMakerspace to help turn the social studies room into a workshop complete with hand tools and natural materials for building. Some students used power tools in the woodshop section of the Makerspace. The model shelters are on display in the main lobby for other students to observe. Didn’t they turn out great!?

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