Integrated Academics Emerge as Monarchs Migrate from The Orchard School to Mexico

Monarch mania has struck the elementary school! Fourth graders at The Orchard School have been studying live monarchs during Spanish class to understand the role the butterfly plays in Hispanic culture and why Mexico is so important to the survival of these magnificent migrators. 
The lifecycle of the monarch butterfly is a staple in science classrooms across the country. At Orchard, we like to enhance this magical moment by integrating other academics during the process. For the past month, students in Spanish class utilized outdoor education, science, and technology to observe the metamorphosis of monarchs.
After two weeks of observing and caring for monarch caterpillars and two more weeks of not so patient waiting while they were in a chrysalis, the caterpillars emerged as butterflies!
From huevo (egg) to oruga (caterpillar) to crisalida (chrysalis) to mariposa monarca (butterfly)...el ciclo de vida (the life cycle) de la mariposa monarca es magnifico!

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