Fourth Grade Play | ANNIE (Virtual): Class of 2024

Dear Orchard Community,
I am excited to announce that “Annie” has been edited and sent to families. Myself and the kids, as well as Spanish and Drama teacher Karen Powell and Marketing and Communications Director James Layne, among others, spent hours on zoom, at home creating sets and costumes, communicating, and it took all of us to preserve this unique experience for these children. 
I am so proud of what we accomplished under the circumstances and the final project took more than 70 hours editing film footage and adding special effects. Zoom does not have first-rate sound quality, yet through the miracles of technology, we were able to enhance every scene. 
For many reasons, we were not able to use all scene takes, recordings, solos, etc..and some things had to be shifted around or altered for the best final version. I am currently in production on the current fourth grade play “Charlie Brown,” which will hopefully not end up being virtual this Fall, yet I will always remember these kids and how we accomplished the impossible. 
For the privacy of our Orchard families and for copyright issues, the play in its entirety was sent directly to our families. But we wanted to share some quick highlights in the trailer below.

Families, thank you for working through this with us. We are so proud of the kids for taking the challenge and making the best of the opportunity.
Best Always,
Dustin Klein
MS Choir & 4th Grade Drama


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